United States Government Shutdown?

Here we go again – another possible government shutdown. The United States government is again at an impasse. Why does this keep happening? It’s simple: the Republicans and the Democrats can’t seem to agree on how to keep things moving in the right direction. This has happened in the past, and the consequences are never good. The entire system comes to a standstill until the powers that be can agree on some type of agreement and pick up the pieces.

One of the sticking points during these disagreements is the budget. Due to budget constraints, millions of people are out of work. Some people are on temporary furloughs, meaning they have their work weeks decreased by one day a week. This can be disastrous, especially for those of us who are dependent on the fact that our paychecks won’t decrease with time. Unfortunately, one possible scenario of a shut down means that our military will suffer. If the United States goes into shutdown mode, there’s a chance that many government workers, including military personnel, won’t get their paychecks.

This latest potential debacle can have a trickle down effect on all citizens. One possible scenario is that if you want to travel to one of our beautiful national parks, you may not be able to because they will be shut down. You’ll still get your mail service, but you won’t be able to visit many sights throughout the country – including the esteemed Smithsonian museum in Washington D.C. Sound fair? Probably not. There are also other cuts that will be enacted if the entire system shuts down.

Healthcare reform and the debt ceiling are today’s big issues. And as American citizens, we are completely dependent on the ability of the House and the Senate to agree so that we can make some progress on those issues, along with many others that we face as citizens.

The last time there was a complete and total shutdown happened in the past, almost 20 years ago. There have been many recent threats and rumblings about it happening again. And unfortunately, that day may be upon us if the Senate and the House can’t come to some type of agreement.