USA Health Care Website

So much controversy recently has been caused by what has capture all the media airwaves ever since our President first brought it into consideration, and later established, Affordable Care Act. A great possible solution to a problem that many Americans have had for a long time since until a few weeks ago obtaining health insurance through individual means is just not affordable for some, but seems it was all good to be true.

Ever since its unveil date which was just a weeks ago of American having access to it, seems like instead of solutions many have encountered headaches, stressful days, wasted time and overall frustrating experience, while trying to find out if can benefit their family. With over 19 million “visitors” registered, few have been able to benefit. The problem is probably there is just too much demand and the website cannot meet all demands. One must create user id, and password to enroll, and many of the times website takes too much time to respond. Truth be told if you have enough patience and give it plenty of good attempts chances are you may get what you want, so grab a cup of coffee and be prepared to give it a few more minutes than expected or wait until the programmers that work for government fixe the bugs.