Football Fans

People who love sports make up a large part of American society. To be more specific, we are a nation that loves football. And as the season progresses and playoffs loom closer, the intensity of the fans gets even more amped up. People plan parties at their homes to watch the games as well as meet up at their favorite bars. One of the favored pastimes at games is the tailgating. Essentially, the parking lot of the stadium where the game is being played turns into one large party. People bring their grills, their favorite beverages, and plenty of like-minded friends, creating an all day event.

Drinking alcohol is something that many fans enjoy during the games. This can add to the excitement, but it can also contribute to chaos and compromise safety. Sometimes beer and a large group of people (who may not always agree with who should win the game) isn’t a good mix. Making sure to assign a designated driver is always a good idea. After all, if you’re having a good time and the beers are flowing, driving isn’t a smart option. A sober person can help make sure that people stay safe, especially if they drink more than they usually do.

Watching sports (and arguing about them) is something that Americans do with regularity. Think about how many people yell at the television screen when the referees make a call they don’t like. How many men spend the day after the game dissecting what the coach or the quarterback should have done? How many people yell at the referees as they make their calls? How many friends have bonded based on their taste in football teams?

And never assume that men are the only ones who care about sports. There are a growing number of women who will not only sit and watch the games, but will thoroughly enjoy them. To be honest, the excitement at a live game is contagious. The roar of the crowd and the energy that is felt within the stadium is truly a one of a kind experience. Sure, if your team loses it may not be quite as much fun – but the love of the sport is what attracts us in the first place. Win or lose – football fans are certainly an eclectic group of people who are fiercely loyal to their favorite sport.