The NSA and Your Privacy

The NSA is a government agency that was formed to help protect the citizens of the United States from possible threats from terrorists and others who want to do the nation harm. Its main goal is to protect the people of the USA. It does this by doing surveillance and by using special programs that can track emails and phone calls. It can record data that may be used in an illegal way that can lead to situations that are harmful or deadly. The program uses technology such as applications that can embed themselves in computers and other devices that unlock them and help to provide information about potential threats.

Many people say that the long arm of the law has gone too far and have accused the government of spying on us. Many believe that it is unconstitutional and that the surveillance infringes on our basic civil liberties. But there is also a flip side to all of that. Without such surveillance, many potential threats would be able to see the light of day. They could lead to more bombings or other hostage situations – all of which we see on an alarmingly regular basis.

Our government obviously has a big job. But its main goal is to make sure the citizens are safe. Without that feeling of safety, our lives would be incredibly different. And while many are upset about the tactics used by the NSA, they forget that without that protection their very lives (and the lives of their loved ones) might be at risk. Yes, privacy is important. But when it comes to national security, there may be times that a breach in our private lives is the lesser of two evils.

As communication and technology keeps growing, so does the need for a greater intelligence which can track those who mean to do us harm. If our country has the tools that can possibly save lives, what is worth more? The organization wasn’t built on the premise of spying simply for the sake of spying. It was formed in order to keep the citizens of the USA safe – and sometimes there is a price to pay for that safety.