Bullying has been a hot topic for years, and for good reason. Many children who suffer from being bullied develop emotional issues that can affect them later in life. It can lead to lack of focus in school, falling grades, and even loss of friends. A kid who is bullied may develop a negative self-image and carry around a negative mental picture of themselves. This can be huge blow to their self-esteem. It may even lead to poor grades and an overall unhappy outlook in life. But there are ways to improve the situation and nip the problem in the bud.

If you feel as if your child is being bullied, the first step is to talk to them and get a handle on the situation. Try to find out whether the abuse is physical, emotional, or mental. If the abuse is physical, it may be worth it to talk to the police. Pay attention to your child and the way they describe a person or situation that is bothering them. Give them constructive advice on how to deal with the person who is bothering them. The next step is to contact your child’s school and make them aware of the situation if they aren’t already. Teachers and principals have a responsibility to keep children safe.

Obviously, you can’t protect your child from everything in life. But doing what you can to prevent them from taking abuse from others is part of a parent’s responsibility. If you take action now, you can help them avoid long-term problems later. It can affect their health later on – maybe even contribute to eating problems and conditions such as obesity or anorexia.

Giving your child the support and love they need during difficult times will help them exponentially as they navigate through life. Don’t ignore bullying or tell your child to just “deal with it.” Pay attention to the signs and how it is affecting them and then be proactive in your approach on how to deal with it. Teach your child to stand up for himself and you will teach them lessons that will help them get through life. And they will never forget the love and support that you showed them – hopefully it will serve as an example on how to treat others.