Cellulite and Its Many Myths

Women are often self-conscious and embarrassed of their bodies. They might not like their weight and also eye themselves critically if they see adiposis edematous, also known as cellulite. This condition affects mostly women and is mostly seen in the abdomen area, the buttocks and the legs. It can be very mild or very pronounced and is dependent on many different factors. There is a huge amount of money spent each year by females who want to banish the “orange peel syndrome” look of their skin. Many of those products promise smooth skin and some do they live up to their promises.

Factors for this condition include genetics, a change in metabolism, and losing weight too quickly. It is seen more in post pubescent females, which means there are hormonal components to it as well. Estrogen and catecholamines are two of those hormones. Other factors include physiology, being overweight and having darker color skin. If other women in your family are affected by cellulite, there’s a chance that you’ll be affected as well. It happens due to the herniation of subcutaneous fat with connective tissue. An underactive thyroid could also contribute to the issue, as that often leads to weight gain which makes the dimpling seem more obvious.

In treating this benign condition, it is important to realize what works and what does not. There’s no quick and magical fix for it. If you are overweight, weight loss might help you decrease the appearance of the fat. But keep in mind that dieting too hard might make the problem worse. Exercise will help, and it will also help reduce high stress levels which contribute to the issue. Keep in mind that creams and topical ointments don’t treat the problem underneath the skin.

Although the dimpling of the skin might be unsightly when you look at it in the mirror, it is certainly not the end of the world. It is actually a normal and natural part of being a woman. It shouldn’t affect your self-esteem or your confidence, because you are more than just your appearance. So remember that the next time you start to get worked up over it, stop. It isn’t worth the stress.