Face Mites

The thought of another organism living on or in our bodies makes most of squeamish, and understandably so. However, the sad truth is that we all have face mites on our skin – particularly in the hair follicles. They live off of and in the oils that are secreted by the sebaceous glands. Not very appetizing, true. But a fact of life nonetheless.

There are two different species of these organisms that can live on the human body. One of them is (demodex)dermodex follicular, the other is demodex brevis. The brevis species is closely related to the organisms that cause mange in dogs. But don’t freak out – these tiny creatures aren’t going to lead you to a consultation with a veterinarian any time soon.

Researchers have known for a century that these creatures live on the skin. And new research on this topic has shown that these organisms may be responsible for rosacea. Rosacea is a condition that causes redness. It can come and go, with no real rhyme or reason to the flare-ups. It tends to affect women more than men. The exact underlying cause is unknown, but doctors believe there are triggers – including stress, diet, hereditary, and alcohol usage. Now researchers believe that the tiny organisms that live in our skin may be the link that causes the condition. Of course, doctors also believe those triggers have other negative reactions on our health, so it makes sense to follow a balanced diet, get plenty of exercise and stay current on the amount of sleep that you need.

Before you head out and buy something to disinfect your facial area, remember that you aren’t the only one who has these creatures. Whatever regimen you use now to clean and exfoliate your face doesn’t necessarily need to change. Maintaining normal hygiene is the best you can do for your skin – going overboard with it can lead to other problems. If you have oily glands or rosacea, make sure to follow a skin care regimen that will treat and soothe your skin. Drying it out too much won’t actually help anything. Instead, just embrace your skin and the organisms that live on it – doing anything else certainly won’t change anything.