Political Party

The topic of politics often brings about lively and spirited discussions. The ideals and beliefs of Americans are varied and often dependent on life experiences. There’s no doubt that the United States is a very divided country. There are actually four major political parties: Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, and Independent. Each of them has their own views and plans regarding how the country should be ran as well as the responsibilities of the citizens.

Republicans and Democrats are the two major parties. The former are generally more conservative than the latter. Those who side with the more conservative party generally believe that free enterprise and capitalism are great building blocks. They believe that people should be responsible for themselves with very little intervention from the government. The Democratic party is in favor of bigger government and believes that the government should be more involved in communities and jobs.

Those who are affiliated with the Libertarian Party are in favor of people acting on behalf of themselves – they have a “live and let live” philosophy. They are generally not in favor of intervening in issues concerning other countries, something the United States does quite often. They will opt toward peaceful interventions as opposed to declaring war or other violent actions. Independents very strongly believe in following the ways of the Constitution. They are focused on equalizing taxes. This party rejects communism and socialism wholeheartedly and believes that government should only be a tool used to help people maintain independence and property.

Many people have opinions based on their political views. The fact that the population of the United States has these options and freedoms means that no matter what our views are, we are extremely lucky. There are plenty of other countries in the world that simply do not have our freedoms. The fact that we have so many choices and aren’t punished for our political beliefs is something that we should all be thankful for no matter who we believe is right for the presidency. Choosing a political party is something that others in less developed countries never get to do and we need to put that into perspective the next time we start complaining about the state of U.S. politics.