Gas Prices

Many of us have happily noticed that gas prices have been falling in recent weeks. This can help us in so many ways: including the fact that we have more money to spend on other things that we often have to neglect to put gas in our cars. For many of us, it meant more money to buy presents over the holidays. (And some of those presents may have been for ourselves!) It gave us the freedom to travel more without having to worry about breaking the bank to fill up our tanks. And quite honestly, that’s a great feeling.

Decreased prices have benefited just about everyone, no matter what type of vehicle you have. People with the larger vehicles, such as the SUVs and the minivans, are often pleasantly surprised that their gasoline bill can be slashed by almost half. And people who drive more fuel efficient vehicles are even happier about the decrease in cost. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, there’s no doubt that saving money getting from point A to point B is a definite bonus. It makes it much easier on the monthly budget.

It used to be when buying a car we considered the sticker price, insurance costs, and the monthly payment. But in recent years, we’ve also had to really consider how expensive it would be to drive our cars in the manner we have become accustomed. For many of us, especially those with long commutes, the price we had to pay at the pump kept increasing. After all, gas prices have tripled from where they were even less than ten years ago. But for many of us we don’t have the luxury of driving less so we had to roll with the punches. Now it seems we are finally getting a break!

As long as those numbers keep falling we should enjoy the boost to our budget. We should take advantage of those numbers and do things that might not have been possible in recent years, such as go for a road trip. In tough times, the first thing to get chopped off the budget are often vacations and extraneous activities. But now may be the time to bring some of those activities back – having that extra money in the budget can certainly be very helpful.