First Female President

Hillary Clinton is getting a lot of buzz these days. The early Washington Post polls are showing that she has a significant lead in her party. She also has a high favorability rating in her party and has shown herself to be a strong contender for their nomination. Some are predicting that she just may be our first female president. Nearly two dozen heads of states are women. The United States lags behind countries such as Argentina, Bangladesh, Liberia, Denmark, Brazil and Germany when it comes to female leaders.

Clinton began her stint in the public eye in 1993 as then-President Bill Clinton’s first lady. She held that role throughout his presidency until 2001. Between 2001 and 2009, Clinton served in the U.S. Senate for the state of New York. More recently, she served as the Secretary of State for President Obama. She has captured the interest of young and non-white Democratic voters, and she appears to have strong support for the upcoming election even at this early stage.

However, if she chooses to run, her candidacy will not be without its share of controversy. Many older voters still have the Lewinsky scandal, which resulted in Bill Clinton’s impeachment on perjury and obstruction of justice, fresh in their minds, and this memory may tarnish the idea of another Clinton presidency. More recent scandals include whispers of a pay-to-play scheme associated with the Clinton Foundation and an email debacle, during which Clinton used a private email server to conduct official business, an action which was not prohibited by the State Department as long as certain guidelines were followed.

Political analysts worry that her early high favorability ratings may be unsustainable. She may have enjoyed increased popularity as the Secretary of State, but this may falter once she begins to formally campaign. At this point, though, she continues to have a large lead over potential Republican challengers, including in the battleground states, and she has the potential to win even undecided voters with her charisma and strong political background. Will Hillary Clinton make history by becoming our first female president, marking a major victory for equality and a big change for the country? Only time will tell.