Good Ways to Reduce OA Pain

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a form of arthritis that occurs when the cartilage that is attached to the ends of your bones that form the joints simply wears down. This allows the joint bones to start touching directly. It can be very painful and difficult to move around. Simple activities such as getting out of bed and walking can turn into difficult ordeals that require more time and a great deal of concentration. The pain from OA can be significant, but it can also be managed. There are over the counter medications that can reduce the discomfort. And although it might seem a little counterproductive at first, one of the best things you can do to help reduce joint issues is to get up and move around.

Regular physical activity such as walking, bike riding, and swimming are all very effective at reducing discomfort associated with OA. Being less sedentary is also a good idea. Many of us sit at work stations all day and don’t move around. Sitting less and moving more will help reduce the inflammation. If you can’t change your work station, at least change some of your habits during your work day. Take frequent breaks and stroll around the area. Go outside at lunch and go for a walk. If your office has a gym or a workout area, take advantage of that as well.

Another piece of advice to help your joints is to lose weight. Extra weight puts extra stress on your body in so many ways. Smoking cigarettes can also contribute to the underlying factors that may lead to RA. If your lung capacity is diminished you will get out of breath and tire easily. Adopt a no smoking policy for yourself and you’ll soon notice that not only will you feel more energetic, you’ll also be able to taste food better.

Treatments of osteoarthritis may also include acupuncture. This involves a specially trained individual using very thin needles in the affected areas. It can be extremely effective at helping to reduce the weakness and discomfort, which can then help you develop a regular exercise routine. Also, be sure to get enough sleep. Many people simply do not get enough rest and over time that can take a serious toll on your body. Low stress levels are also good to maintain. And of course, pay attention to your water intake. Overall, just pay attention to your body and don’t ignore any symptoms that can lead to potential problems. Don’t ignore the pain and hope it will go away, instead face it head on and take charge of your health.