The Importance of a Community Design Toolkit






You’re only as healthy as the area you live in, and that’s the hard truth. If you live in an area that does not have access to afresh food markets, walking or jogging trails or any parks, then you know that the health of your community is never going to get better. Hence why the community design Toolkit was created; created to bring health to those who can’t easily access it.

What is a Community Design Toolkit?
The Healthy Community Design Toolkit is a resource, in a website, that gives education and information materials to those who need them. More specifically, for public health officials, planners who need it for the purpose of building a healthy community, and even individuals who are looking to take the initiative themselves. The kit is used to bring more awareness into a community that doesn’t have much in the way of improvement for health, but that doesn’t necessarily mean hospitals or health care.

The kit is for those who are looking to bring more healthy options into their community, such as parks for children to play, a dog park for people to take their dogs to and be more active, pop-up or permanent farmers markets, or even new stores that will offer healthier foods, instead of new fast food chains.

Your Health and Your Community
It’s extremely difficult to live a healthy lifestyle when there’s not much to work with. For example, if your community does not have a gym close to you, and there are no designated walking trails relatively close, what are you going to do about working out and staying active? Not a lot, unless you start informing yourself and taking initiative with the community design kit.

Doing so will not only bring a healthier life to your community, but it will also bring you a lot closer if you are all looking to have the same goal accomplished.

Why a Healthy Community Design Toolkit?
In conclusion, you should want a kit for your community, because it will bring everyone together in the hopes of living a healthier, more active lifestyle. Access to healthy food and places to be active are literally the bread and butter of living a long, happy, healthy life. Without them, you cannot really expect much.

These kits are designed to improve the community for future generations, and to keep your community happy and healthy.