5 Things That Happen When You Cut Out Bread


According to research cutting out carbohydrates is bad for your health. It can cause a wide range of health problems, from gastrointestinal disturbances to kidney damage. It makes sense. Like protein or fat, carbohydrates are a key nutrient that your body needs to function properly.

But carbohydrates are not all created equal. Brown pasta, oats and whole grain bread are excellent for our health, but refined carbohydrates, like white bread and white pasta aren’t great for your health.

Despite the health benefits of natural, unrefined carbs, people still feel the need to cut all carbs out, but if you do, here’s what might happen.


  1. You will be Fatigued

Carbohydrates are your body’s most important source of energy. Your body metabolizes carbs into glucose, which it then uses as energy for your cells, tissues and organs. Also, many carbs, like whole grains, are high in other nutrients, like B vitamins and iron, which play an integral role in maintaining energy levels. So, when you cut them out, your energy levels drop dramatically, and you are left feeling fatigued.


  1. Your Performance in the Gym Will Suffer

Protein builds muscle, but it’s not what keeps you going it the gym; that’s carbohydrates. Your body relies on carbohydrates for energy, so when you cut them out, you are left running on, essentially, an empty tank. That’s why you don’t see marathon runners or tennis players snacking on protein bars – you see them eating carbohydrate-rich bananas.


  1. You’ll Experience Constipation

Fiber is an incredibly important nutrient, especially for your digestive system. If you don’t get enough grains, you will become constipated. When you cut out carbohydrates, you essentially cut off all major fiber sources, as people that don’t consume enough whole grains do not get adequate fiber. 


  1. You Will Lose Water Weight

When you first cut out carbs, you do lose weight, but it’s simply water weight and glycogen. You do not lose fat, making it an unhealthy, unsustainable method of weight loss.


  1. Your Mood Will Suffer

Carbohydrates trigger the release of a happy hormone known as serotonin, so when you could them out, it can cause low moods and irritability.

So, while it’s best to limit, if not entirely eliminate, refined carbohydrates from your diet, it’s an incredibly bad idea to cut out carbs entirely. If you want to be healthy, you need to make sure that you get plenty whole grains and other natural, unrefined carbohydrates in your diet.