Coping With The Loss Of a Loved Pet

People who have pets often treat them as another family member. Intense bonds with our pets are the norm. They are there for us at the end of the day, always happy to see us no matter what. We want our pets to live long lives and stay healthy and happy. And when a pet dies, it is often a traumatic event for everyone in the family.

Taking care of an aging or sick pet can bring about some challenges. They often lose control of their bodily functions and may have trouble getting around. It can be extremely difficult to watch a once playful and energetic pet slowing down and often suffering. If their health is deteriorating to the point that no activity seems to bring them any happiness or comfort, it is probably time to help them end their suffering. Although the thought of taking them to the vet is painful, a planned euthanasia is a way to help end their pain in a humane fashion.

It is natural to feel the devastation after a furry family member passes. It is completely normal to feel grief and sadness. It is important to not ever to feel ashamed of how you react to the loss. Everyone’s grieving process is different. Don’t let others influence how you should feel. Never ignore pain or try to downplay it because you’re afraid of how others will see you. It isn’t healthy. Let yourself feel the pain and work through it. It is a gradual process that includes ups and downs. Remember the good times you had with your pet, don’t block those memories out.

Reaching out to others in your situation might help. Anyone who has ever lost a pet understands the feeling of loss that happens when a pet dies. And don’t feel ashamed if you seek professional help. It may help you work through your feelings. Doing something in your pet’s memory may also ease the burden of grief. If you’re so inclined, have a memorial service in their honor. And remember, life goes on. As time passes, your grief will subside. And while it’s true that you’ll never forget the good times, you’ll find you can move on and move forward. And while there’s no replacing your pet, finding a new meaning to enjoy life might just mean opening your heart to a four legged friend.