Rainy Day Fun with the Kids


Rainy weather and colder temperatures often mean the best place to entertain the kids is indoors. And while they often can entertain themselves while they’re outside, sometimes it gets challenging if the weather isn’t cooperating. However, there are a ton of fun activities that can be found around the house and will provide hours of entertainment for kids of all ages.

Playing a custom dress up game is one such example. Decide on a theme with the kids or give them a specific person to dress up as. Then help them find the specific items they need to fulfill that challenge. Another great activity is making cards to send to people both near and far. They can make them for elderly neighbors or family members. There are also organizations that will help you connect with those serving in the army. Kids can make care packages and cards that will get sent to soldiers stationed almost anywhere in the world. They often get replies and can get a knowledgeable glimpse into the daily life of those serving in our military.

Arts and crafts projects are another good idea – and many of these can be made with Christmas in mind. Most kids love working with their hands and making things for mom or dad. Baking cookies and cupcakes can help inspire a lifetime love of baking and being in the kitchen. Kids love helping to pour the ingredients and make the batter – not to mention eating their creations later! Board games are almost always a crowd favorite as well. Of course, staying in pajamas and getting into some all day movie watching is often high on the list for kids. Make some popcorn and get comfortable and warm under a fuzzy blanket!

Kids are known for their active imaginations. Give them some blankets and help them move some furniture around and let them have free reign to create room sized fort or tent. Not only will they love the “building” process, they will also love crawling around in their creations and finding places to hide. And if it is warm enough, get some rain coats and rain boots on and go have some puddle fun – just be sure to have plenty of towels ready to wipe off muddy feet and hands when it’s time to come inside!