Tips to Protect Parents and Kids from Tobacco Smoke


Around 20 percent of adults in the USA smoke. However, about 7 out of 10 of them want to quit, whether it’s for their own health and well-being or for their children’s. Many people who smoke are also parents who want to protect their children from secondhand smoke, and become role models to their family.

How Smoking Affects the Health of both Parents and Kids

Smoking effects both adults and children, and both smokers and non-smokers. Cigarette smoking causes almost one in five deaths each year in the USA. Each year, cigarette smoking causes more deaths than illegal drug use, motor vehicle accidents, firearm-related incidents and HIV combined.

It causes a wide range of health problems, from cancer to cardiovascular disease. Around 90% of all lung cancer deaths in the United States are caused by smoking. Smokers are much more at risk for cardiovascular diseases. They are two to four times more likely to develop coronary heart disease and 2 to 4 times more likely to experience a stroke.

But, cigarette smoking doesn’t just affect the health of the smoker. It also affects the health of those around them. Secondhand smoke exposure causes a wide range of health problems.

It increases your risk of developing cardiovascular problems. Secondhand smoke exposure immediately results in adverse effects on the cardiovascular system. In the United States, secondhand smoke exposure results in around 34,000 premature deaths in nonsmokers from heart disease.

Secondhand smoking also increases the risk of stroke and lung disease. It also causes a wide range of health problems for infants and children, like respiratory infections and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Tips for Protecting Parents and Kids from Tobacco Smoke

The ramifications that smoking has the smoker’s health and those around them are severe. So, follow these tips to protect yourself and your children from the effects of tobacco smoke.

– If you smoke, start the process of quitting. It will reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke and lung cancer. There are many resources online that can assist you, like
– Don’t let others smoke around your children. Let your children know about the risks of smoking and secondhand smoke.
– Always eat at restaurants and cafes that prohibit smoking. Restaurants that have a non-smoking section are not effective at protecting you or your children from secondhand smoke.
– Ensure that your child’s school or day care center is entirely smoke free.
Exposure to tobacco smoke has a big impact on your health and the health of those around you. So, follow these tips and protect yourself and your family from the dangers of tobacco smoke.