Staying Connected is a Key to Longer Life

 Living a long, meaningful life is a goal that many people aspire to. There have been countless studies done to try to isolate the factors that lead to a longer life, but one of the common threads among seniors who have lived well beyond the average life expectancy is that they have pursued a connected and meaningful life even in their later years.

There is much more to staying active and healthy than simply eating right and getting exercise. We need emotional and mental stimulation too. Living in isolation is never a recipe for success when it comes to maintaining a positive outlook on life and staying energized in general. Seniors who stay in constant contact with family members and friends are more likely to remain physically active as well. This is because they have something to look forward to beyond the simple routine of waking up, eating and going to bed again. The role that mental and emotional stimulation plays in keeping you alert and active through your senior years is too strong to be overlooked.

One of the ways that some seniors above the average life expectancy have remained healthy is through fulfilling marriages. The benefits of marriage cannot be understated because it provides a level of companionship that cannot often be fulfilled through friendship alone. In general, studies show that remaining in a healthy marriage through senior years had a stronger positive effect on men than women. Many senior women who were either divorced or widowed were still able to find support through community groups or family to have a meaningful life.

In addition to making the effort to stay social, seniors who maintain friendships with other active people are also more likely to remain healthy. This is partly because it reinforces a healthy lifestyle and helps you stay active beyond your typical routine. This also contributes to exploring other healthy and engaging activities.