Using Creative Arts to Relieve Tension

Stress is part of everyone’s life, but each person deals with it in a unique way. Flustered people might wonder how calmer individuals face their stresses because they might feel overwhelmed otherwise. Aside from taking a walk or counting to ten, there are other ways to relieve tension. In fact, scientists are discovering that tension is easily relaxed when creative arts are involved.

Pick Your Favorite Art

If the idea of art sounds foreign to you, don’t worry about being a virtuoso. Relieving tension through creative arts means that you’re enjoying your time, and you shouldn’t worry about the end product. Creating lopsided sculptures and sketching an unusual form means that you spent time away from your troubles instead of dwelling on them. Pick almost any art, including crafts, coloring, sculpting, knitting or other pursuits. As long as you’re creating something from your artistic vision, you’ll reap the health benefits from it.

Considering the Time Factor

Because you’re entering your golden years, there’s probably more time on your hands than ever before. Take advantage of this extra time because an artistic pursuit only has tension-relieving benefits when it’s practiced for a certain time period. Researchers pinpointed the minimum amount of time it takes to relax you during an art project. Spend at least 45 minutes on your art, and you’ll have a chance at lower blood pressure and other healthful effects. Spending only 10 minutes on a project won’t take your mind off of any stressful situations.

Those Cortisol Influences

Researchers were able to understand the relationship between time, art and tension relief because of cortisol levels. This substance is known mainly as the stress hormone that surges through your body. It can actually influence your body to have high blood pressure, poor immunity and a host of other issues. As people continued with their artistic pursuits, researchers tested their cortisol levels. This stress hormone significantly dropped within the artistic people, which contributed to better overall health afterward.

Make it a Priority

Painting a picture one time won’t create the lasting health effects that tension relief provides. You must make an artistic pursuit a priority in your life. Try to do something artistic at least once a week. Perform different tasks if one pursuit isn’t as alluring as it used to be. Paint, sculpt or sketch your way to better health. Reduced stress keeps your entire body balanced and contributes to a longer lifespan.

A trend that’s gaining a lot of popularity is adult coloring books. If you’re not sure about which creative art works for you, purchase a coloring book and fill it in. Each book has a different theme and coloring level attributed to it. Almost everyone can color, and you might feel the tension melting away as each page is filled with your beautiful art.