Finding Healthy Alternatives to Culinary Favorites

Our favorite foods are sometimes our biggest dieting nightmares. They are often high in fat, too convenient to resist and bad for our mid section and our self esteem. But it isn’t hopeless. You just need to find alternatives that are also easy to grab and similarly satisfying.

French Fries

These are so very convenient to eat, but high in fat. We make things worse by dipping them in ketchup or covering them in chili and cheese.

If you are cooking at home, try baking them instead of deep frying. It gives you most of the same flavor and crunch, but a lot less fat and calories.

If you are going out for fast food, try going to a place that also has baked potatoes. Get a plain one, or just have it with a little butter or cheese if just can’t live without some fat.

Chips Et Al

Potato chips, corn chips, cheese puffs and the like can be all too easy to knock back at high speed. Before you know it, you have downed a half a bag. If you stop and add up the calories, it is roughly half the calories you should eat for an entire day, but almost none of the nutrition. Yikes!

But there is good news: These days, many of your favorite brands have a healthier version of your favorite sin food. These are often baked instead of deep fried and some are organic and generally have healthier ingredients.

You can also try grabbing rice cakes or similarly crunchy, low cal foods. This can satisfy your desire to snack without doing so much damage to your diet.

General Tips

Look for something that you will actually find satisfying. If it doesn’t actually satisfy you, you probably won’t stick with it.

Try to find an alternative with similar mouth feel, such as crunchiness. For deep fried foods, baked alternatives often have this quality, with far less fat and far fewer calories.

Try to find an answer that is similarly convenient. Maybe you won’t make baked potatoes at home, but you may be happy to eat them at a fast food place instead of French fries.

Sometimes, the easiest way to fix a bad diet is to focus on your favorite sin foods. Finding a similarly convenient, similarly satisfying alternative can go a long way towards fixing your diet.