Pesticides and Cancer: What You Need to Know

Pesticide Contamination Has Been Linked to Cancer

There are scientific studies linking pesticides with various types of cancer, and if you are concerned about possible contamination from man-made chemicals, then it is essential to choose foods that are organic. Researchers have studied the causes of different types of cancer to understand if the pesticides that contain phenoxy acid herbicides can lead to physical abnormalities in the human body’s cells.

You May Have Been Exposed to Dangerous Pesticides During Childhood

Phenoxy acid herbicides are sprayed on corn or wheat crops because the substances help to eliminate weeds. This type of herbicide was discovered in the late 1940s, and by the 1950s, it was used in the United States and other countries to protect wheat or corn crops from damaging weeds. Today, some of the most dangerous forms of phenoxy herbicides are banned, but if you are older, then you probably ingested a lot of this chemical agent as a child.

Types of Cancer That Are Linked to Pesticides

Researchers have linked pesticides with several types of cancer, and you should watch for these conditions if you were exposed to pesticides in the past.

1: Breast Cancer

Breast cancer primarily affects women, and this condition leads to abnormal cancerous cells in one or both breasts. The symptoms of breast cancer include lumps, bloody discharge or changes in the shape of a breast.

2: Lung Cancer

There are two types of lung cancer, including:

• Small cell
• Non-small cell

Both of these varieties of lung cancer are caused by exposure to toxins. The symptoms caused by lung cancer might include weight loss, difficulty breathing and chest pain.

3: Leukemia

Leukemia occurs in the blood-producing organs in the human body, including your bone marrow. The symptoms from leukemia can include extreme fatigue, poor immunity and frequent bruising.

4: Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

This form of cancer causes abnormal production of lymphocytes. When you have this condition, you will have abdominal pain, fever and swollen lymph glands. This form of cancer primarily affects senior citizens.

5: Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Soft tissue sarcoma is a rarer form of cancer that occurs in various parts of the human body, including:

• Tendons
• Nerves
• Blood vessels
• Muscles

A sarcoma is a growth that can grow to a large size inside the body before it is noticed.

6: Malignant Lymphoma

A malignant lymphoma can develop in different regions of the body’s lymphatic system, including:

• Bone marrow
• Thymus gland
• Spleen
• Lymph nodes

The symptoms from malignant lymphoma include losing weight, tiredness and swollen lymph nodes.