How Stuffed Peppers Boost Metabolism

Your metabolism is a rhythm hidden within your tissues that burns calories at a certain rate. Every person has a slightly different metabolism that contributes to your overall shape. Boosting your metabolism through eating certain foods will keep you lean through retirement. One particular recipe, the stuffed pepper, is known to boost your metabolism for certain reasons. Learn about this superfood recipe that can get your health back on track.

Heat Packs a Punch

When you pick a pepper to stuff, it’s normally a large one. These peppers, such as bell peppers, don’t have the heat that boosts your metabolism. Consider a pepper that’s smaller, including the poblano, that has some heat to it. Ideally, sprinkle chili powder onto your stuffed pepper to really get a kick. When you eat spicy foods, your body reacts by trying to cool itself down. The spices actually kick your metabolism into gear so that you burn more calories as you sit or perform everyday activities. For even more heat, add sliced serranos or jalapenos into your stuffed pepper. The heat will rise as quickly as your metabolism.

High-Fiber Ingredients

Fiber comes from certain grains and vegetables so add both of these to your stuffed-pepper recipe. Barley is a high-fiber item that mixes well into the recipe. Swap the rice out for the barley while adding spinach and other diced vegetables into the mixture. Fiber takes time to digest, which leads to feeling fuller for a longer time period than without these foods. Because the body must work hard to digest the fiber, your metabolism naturally gains momentum. Beans, carrots and broccoli are other foods that are perfect for your pepper mixture too.

The Protein Factor

Researchers know that protein is also a metabolism booster. You need to pick your proteins carefully, however. Fatty, beef cuts mixed into your pepper won’t add the healthy protein that you’re looking for in the recipe. Try tofu, avocado and asparagus in your stuffed-pepper mixture. In essence, the pepper should hold a casserole of different foods so that it’s satisfying on your palate. Some recipes call for Greek yogurt as a food that binds all of the ingredients together. With this dairy and high-protein addition to your pepper, you’ll see the metabolism soar in the coming days.

Cook stuffed peppers in your oven or try them grilled on the outdoor barbecue. There are a lot of options when it comes to heating up your stuffed peppers any time of year. Simply be conscious of the ingredients added to the peppers in order to truly boost your metabolism.