The Positive Mental Benefits of Being In Nature

If you never go outside, then you might develop nature deficit disorder. This condition was discovered by Richard Louv who believed that spending more time outside was beneficial for everyone’s well-being. His studies focused on the behavior of children who by 2005 were spending the majority of their time inside a home rather than playing outside. In the past, adults and children spent a large portion of their days outside working or walking. Today, many individuals live in large cities without any grass or trees, and by going outside more, they can avoid these mental conditions.

Mental Condition 1: Depression

When you have depression, it leads to chronic sadness and an inability to cope with daily living. You might develop depression after a traumatic event, but it is possible to become depressed without a reason. In addition to taking the medications prescribed by a physician and attending counseling, you can reduce your feelings of depression by spending more time outside. Socializing is also an excellent way to overcome depressed feelings, so you can get involved in an outdoor sport such as tennis.

Mental Condition 2: Post-traumatic stress disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder can occur after a psychological shock, and it leads to restless sleep along with flashbacks of the unpleasant event. To overcome the difficult symptoms from post-traumatic stress disorder, you can have a garden in your backyard to grow flowers or vegetables. By working outside with the plants and soil in a garden, you can avoid having nature deficit disorder in addition to preventing post-traumatic stress disorder.

Mental Condition 3: Anxiety

If you have anxiety attacks, then it can lead to constant worrying that makes it impossible to have a normal life. While you might not want to visit public places while you are having an anxiety attack, experts know that spending time outside can make you feel better mentally. When an anxiety attack makes it difficult to associate with others, find an isolated area to enjoy a hike, and make sure to enjoy the natural things in an outdoor environment.

Mental Condition 4: Brain Fog

Brain fog causes a lack of mental focus, and it can occur intermittently. If you have episodes of brain fog, then it can disrupt your daily living, making it difficult to perform tasks at work or home. However, if you go outside for a walk during a brain fog episode, then you can improve your memory recall and mental acuity. Make sure to have a regular schedule for spending time outside.