What is Pink Himalayan Salt?

Many people who are trying to improve their health have switched to using Pink Himalayan salt to flavor their foods instead of table or sea salt. There are many health benefits associated with this pure salt product, and more benefits are being discovered each day. Learn why this flavorful salt is a must-have for your kitchen.

Purity and Taste

Salt is a natural mineral and its taste is influenced by environmental factors near the salt mine. Additionally, how the salt is processed will determine taste and health benefits. At this time, regular table salt is over processed and sea salt is quickly following. This draws out the beneficial minerals from these salts and reduces them to nothing more than pure sodium.

Pink Himalayan salt is salt at its purest form. Created in the Himalayan Mountains millions of years ago, these salt deposits were quickly covered by snow and ice and protected from harsh environmental factors and pollution. When mined, the Pink Himalayan salt is not over processed or separated and retains 83 trace minerals when it reaches a person’s kitchen. These trace minerals are what gives the salt its pink color.

These trace minerals actually reduce the amount of real sodium per serving by 20 percent. This means that people can enjoy the salty flavor without adding too much sodium to their diet. Additionally, Pink Himalayan salt has a stronger taste than processed table salt, so people tend to use less when adding to their food. It is one of the simplest and healthiest ways to reduce sodium intake and improve your health.

Other Health Benefits

The purity of this salt and its non-processed mineral content make this a perfect salt for treating other conditions as well. People who are suffering from acne or similar skin conditions that are not finding much relief will love the results they achieve from washing their skin in a soft salt water. Unlike table salt which will dry out the skin, this Himalayan salt will sooth and help treat skin conditions. The extra pure minerals aid in the healing process.

People who have aching joints or muscles can also indulge in a salt bath. Unlike other salt bath products, the Pink Himalayan salt will absorb quickly into the skin to aid the sore muscles or joints. The extra minerals will provide more relief for the user than other salt bath products.