5 Ideas for a Healthy Holiday Season

The holiday season and healthy living aren’t two terms that are often used together. However, more people today are concerned about their health all year long. You can still have a jolly, good time without eating a lot of unhealthy foods and remaining sedentary. Explore the top five ideas for a healthy, holiday season so that January’s reality doesn’t come as such a surprise.

Hide the Vegetables

A huge bowl of steamed vegetables tends to be lonely on the dinner table. Trick everyone into eating their vegetables by incorporating them into the tastier dishes. Add broccoli, carrots and cauliflower to the mashed potatoes. Once everything is mixed together, it simply tastes like mashed potatoes.

Make it a Walking Adventure

Slipping off your shoes and taking a nap after a big meal is often the tradition during the holiday season. Change that habit this year, however, by heading outdoors. Take a walk after each meal, which might include all three mealtimes. These walks don’t have to be long ones either. Ten to 15-minute walks are all that are necessary to get healthy this year.

Consider Low-Calorie Options

Skip heavy-cream ingredients and try low-calorie selections. In most cases, you won’t notice the difference between the fatty and low-calorie ingredients. Your waistline and health, however, will improve as the new year begins.

Try an App

It’s natural to crave a few treats during the holidays. Consider a download on your smartphone so that you can keep track of those treats. Apps that count calories for you are typically free. They give you a real tabulation of calories versus exercise goals.

Moderate the Alcohol Intake

Alcohol has a lot of calories and health risks so moderating your intake is critical. Keep track of each drink so that you know when to stop. Ideally, don’t drink more than one or two drinks a day. Men can often have more than women based on their body size.

It might be difficult to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle if everyone around you is consuming a lot of food at the table. Partner with a like-minded individual so that you aren’t isolated in your habits. Both of you can participate in your own cooking experiments and exercise regimens. Whether the partner is your spouse or other loved one, staying healthy will only make the holiday season more enjoyable than before.