3 Ways to Spice Up Your Walking Workout

Walking is one of the best basic exercises. It can be done almost anywhere and, although you do need a decent pair of shoes, it doesn’t really require any equipment beyond that. But maybe you are getting a bit bored with it. Here are some ways to spice it up.

Get a Walking Buddy.
Especially if you are having trouble finding time to socialize, you can kill two birds with one stone by getting a buddy to join you for your workout. Walking and talking go together nicely. People are typically very comfortable having conversations side by side like this.

It can not only make your walks less boring, it can deepen existing friendships or be the start of new ones. Or get your spouse or S.O. to join you. You may surprised to find it reviving your relationship as well, and without the hassle and expense of seeing a couples counselor.

Explore Your Local Area.
Modern life can be surprisingly confining. Many of us work long hours and also have long commutes. The result is that we sit in our car, sit at our desk, then sit in our car. Then we drive to the gym to walk on a treadmill.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Get a map of your city or neighborhood to carry with you, or just spend some time online looking at the satellite view on Google Maps. You can use a watch or pedometer to tell you that you have hit the halfway mark and it is time to turn around and go home. This gives you substantial freedom to walk new places and learn new things about the place you live.

Have A Destination.
If going for our regular walk for exercise fails to excite you, then start walking as a means to get to different places you want to go. Find a movie theater or other destination that you think you would enjoy and only go when you can walk there. You can also try out new restaurants as your reward, as long as you don’t go overboard on the calories. Enjoy your treat at the end, then turn around and walk home for some additional exercise.

Walking is great exercise with long term potential. If it is starting to bore you, you can spice it up by getting a buddy, going exploring or picking new destinations.


3 Safe Exercises for People With Bad Backs

When you have a bad back due to a chronic health condition or a previous injury, you must choose a form of exercise that doesn’t cause any additional pain. It is important to continue exercising despite having a back problem to avoid gaining weight, but you must avoid developing a new injury that can lead to needing bed rest. To prevent any additional back problems, make sure to discuss your exercise routine with a physician first.

Exercise 1: Swimming In a Heated Swimming Pool

Swimming is one of the best types of exercise for anyone with a previous back injury because the water creates buoyancy to support your body. Experts recommend swimming in warm water to prevent any muscle cramps while protecting the cartilage in your joints. Make sure to find an indoor swimming pool that has heated water so that you can swim comfortably. In addition, you can swim in an outdoor swimming pool when the weather is warm. Avoid swimming in an overcrowded swimming pool where someone will jump into the water above you or bump into you while you are swimming. You may want to participate in classes to learn new swimming strokes or to enjoy water aerobics.

Exercise 2: Gentle Yoga Postures and Movements

Yoga is an excellent form of exercise for you when you have a back problem, but it is important to use certain types of movements and poses. You cannot perform strenuous yoga postures such as handstands, but there are easy positions that are safe for you to do on a daily basis. Before beginning a yoga routine, make sure to have a soft mat or pile of rugs to recline on. You can recline on your back while bending your knees slowly toward your chest to release the tension in your spinal area during a knee twist, or you can kneel on the floor with the palms of your hands on the mat to curl your back into a cat pose. If you have never performed yoga before, then look for a local gym that offers beginner classes.

Exercise 3: Walking Inside or Outside

Walking is a fantastic exercise for any age group, and it is free. You can walk inside a larger building such as a shopping mall when the weather is inclement, but walking outside is also important so that you are exposed to sunlight. Make sure to wear comfortable and supportive shoes that will grip a walking surface to prevent any foot injuries along with protecting your back. When you are on a longer walk, have bottles of water available to prevent dehydration. If you are walking outside, use a protective sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from dangerous ultraviolet light. For additional enjoyment while walking, you can bring along a dog or join a walking group.

3 Tips to Eat More Like a Vegan

3 Tips to Eat More Like a Vegan

The vegan lifestyle is extremely rewarding if you have the patience to follow through with it. To get the most out of your diet change, it is strongly recommended for you to plan ahead for your meal choices and follow these tips to benefit from your diet.

Focus on Vegetables as the Centerpiece

One of the hardest and oldest types of conditioning to break is the idea that the meal has to be centered around a piece of meat. When you choose the vegan lifestyle, vegetables become the focus of every meal. Even though you have a plant-based diet, there is no reason that you cannot make your meals exciting and filling. Choose larger vegetables that can not only dominate the plate but also provide you with all of the nutrients you need to eat and feel healthy. Set a single piece as the star of your dish and try to decorate around it with complementing foods for the best effect.

Eat a Variety of Individual Pieces

Keeping up with a plant-based diet can be difficult if you do not have variety to focus on. In order to mix it up and provide you with plenty of options to choose from, take a look at some of your available vegetables and plan meals and snacks around them. Mushrooms, different types of nuts, different squashes and root vegetables and even different types of fruits can all provide you with the variety you need to keep your diet interesting and fun.

Choose Whole Grains

Whole grains are extremely advantageous for any diet because they can provide you with an increased amount of fiber and denser nutrients, which helps curb your appetite. Consider swapping out some of your more commonly eaten refined grains for whole grains. Get rid bread and pasta and instead enjoy things such as quinoa and rice, which can help add iron and various B vitamins to your diet. These nutrients are usually left out after the grains are refined, and investing in whole grain options can help you retain nutrients and even assist you in weight loss for the long-term.