3 Ways to Spice Up Your Walking Workout

Walking is one of the best basic exercises. It can be done almost anywhere and, although you do need a decent pair of shoes, it doesn’t really require any equipment beyond that. But maybe you are getting a bit bored with it. Here are some ways to spice it up.

Get a Walking Buddy.
Especially if you are having trouble finding time to socialize, you can kill two birds with one stone by getting a buddy to join you for your workout. Walking and talking go together nicely. People are typically very comfortable having conversations side by side like this.

It can not only make your walks less boring, it can deepen existing friendships or be the start of new ones. Or get your spouse or S.O. to join you. You may surprised to find it reviving your relationship as well, and without the hassle and expense of seeing a couples counselor.

Explore Your Local Area.
Modern life can be surprisingly confining. Many of us work long hours and also have long commutes. The result is that we sit in our car, sit at our desk, then sit in our car. Then we drive to the gym to walk on a treadmill.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Get a map of your city or neighborhood to carry with you, or just spend some time online looking at the satellite view on Google Maps. You can use a watch or pedometer to tell you that you have hit the halfway mark and it is time to turn around and go home. This gives you substantial freedom to walk new places and learn new things about the place you live.

Have A Destination.
If going for our regular walk for exercise fails to excite you, then start walking as a means to get to different places you want to go. Find a movie theater or other destination that you think you would enjoy and only go when you can walk there. You can also try out new restaurants as your reward, as long as you don’t go overboard on the calories. Enjoy your treat at the end, then turn around and walk home for some additional exercise.

Walking is great exercise with long term potential. If it is starting to bore you, you can spice it up by getting a buddy, going exploring or picking new destinations.


How Setting the Right Workout Schedule Is Key to Healthy Living

Don’t use someone else’s workout routine to improve your health because everyone is different. Having the right workout routine is the key to healthy living, but if you use the wrong regimen, then you might experience an injury. Follow these tips when creating an exercise regimen.

1: Schedule Your Workouts When You Are Energized

Choose the right time for your workouts so that you will feel good about lifting weights or going for a hike. You might want to wake-up earlier in the morning to ride a stationary bicycle, or you may want to perform a yoga routine in the evening.

2: Take Small Steps to Increase Your Workout Regimen

If you try to complete a difficult workout routine when you haven’t exercised in several months, then you will likely have aching muscles afterward. Begin with short exercise routines before progressing to longer workouts.

3: Plan to Exercise Several Times a Week

To have the most benefits from a workout schedule, plan to exercise several days a week. Some experts recommend working out three times a week while other individuals believe that exercising five days a week is better. If you have a busy lifestyle, then exercise multiple times a day for only a few minutes.

4: Don’t Plan Monotonous Workouts

When you use the same weightlifting routine each day, you will become bored and won’t enjoy the exercise. In addition, performing the same physical movements each day will not help to strengthen your muscles while increasing the flexibility of your joints. Plan an assortment of routines to avoid monotony.

5: Have a Workout Buddy

Having a workout buddy during some of your exercise routines is a great way to remain motivated. It is important to socialize in addition to working out, and you can participate in a sport team activity such as baseball or soccer.

6: Take a Break From a Workout

It is okay to take a break from a workout when you have a bad cold or the weather is inclement. If you have an opportunity to go to a concert or movie with a group of friends, then don’t feel guilty about taking a day off from your exercise routine.

7: Keep Track of Your Workout Routines

Keep a workout journal to understand when you have exercised each day along with the number of minutes. This is especially important when you want to lose weight because it helps you to keep track of the number of calories that you have burned while jogging or swimming.

How to Workout When Staying at Someone’s Home

If you are staying at someone’s home, then you can continue to exercise in order to maintain your health. This is also a good opportunity for you to inspire a friend or relative to begin working out on a regular basis.

Way 1: Bring Small Exercise Equipment With You

You can bring small types of exercise equipment with you inside a suitcase. Some of the most portable pieces of equipment include:

• Stretchable exercise bands – easy to pack
• Yoga mat – to provide a soft surface
• Barbells – lightweight devices

Way 2: Contact Local Gyms for Daily Memberships

When you are visiting a friend, learn more about the local gyms before sending the business an email to learn if you can visit on a daily basis. In addition, you might already belong to a gym that permits you to use other gyms in different locations. Make sure to understand what is available at the gym in order to bring the correct workout clothing and footwear.

Way 3: Pack a Few Exercise DVDs

Pack a few of your favorite exercise DVDs to bring to your friend’s home. Nearly everyone has a DVD player in their home, and you can still enjoy a yoga or dance routine in a friend’s living room. Your friend may also want to join you by dancing or performing yoga postures.

Way 4: Attach a Bicycle to Your Vehicle

If you are driving to a relative’s home for a visit, then attach a bicycle to your vehicle with a specialized holder. After arriving at your destination, you can use your bicycle to explore the neighborhood. There are also foldable bicycles that you can fit inside a specialized case to bring along on an airplane.

Way 5: Walking and Hiking

When your relative lives in a rural area, you can enjoy hiking in the woods or in the mountains. Alternatively, if you are visiting a friend in the city, then you can go on long walks around the neighborhood. Make sure to pack the right types of footwear and clothing for hiking or walking.

Way 6: Find a Neighborhood Swimming Pool

If you can find a neighborhood swimming pool, then you can go swimming to have a workout. Pack your swimsuit in your suitcase, and make sure to bring along sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Way 7: Perform Simple Exercises to Stay In Shape

It is easy to perform isometric exercises in any location in order to stay in shape. You probably learned a few isometric exercises while in high school because this type of workout is quick and easy. You can run in place, do knee bends or complete sit-ups for 30 minutes three times a week.


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